Muscle or Joint Pain Making Life Difficult For You?
Perhaps You are a Sportsperson, Athlete or Performer and Need Something To Help You Recover?

RELEVA Joint and Muscle Balm

Our completely natural Joint and Muscle Balm relieves your aches and pains so you can get on with your day and sleep comfortably at night.

Each 250 gram RELEVA Joint & Muscle Balm has about 3 months of daily treatment for £29.97

RELEVA Joint & Muscle Balm 50 gram Travel Packs are also available for £9.97

If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

Contains Natural Actives: Clove Bud Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil

Not convinced? See the testimonials below.

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See What Our Customers Say About RELEVA…

The cast of Hamilton have fallen in love with RELEVA

RELEVA Join & Muscle Balm is giving me ongoing relief and I am delighted

mike coxall image for testimonialI have used Releva Joint & Muscle Balm following my Complete Knee Replacement to deal with the Trauma Pain within my leg (this is a normal reaction). I am really satisfied and have recommended to my friends and family of the benefits. Equally I am amazed how it has helped with the blood flow and brought out further bruising that is directly associated with the knee recovery.

Mike Coxall.

releva testimonial,graham baker“I have recently started using RELEVA for a very troublesome elbow, for which the doctor suggested daily pain killers. As a pensioner, I have a number of pills to take and I didn’t want to take more! I bought a pot of the balm on recommendation from a physiotherapist and the results are amazing. I am not totally free from pain, but I have greater mobility in the elbow and feel more comfortable when I now walk with my stick.”

Graham B, 75, Nottingham.

suzanne releva customer testimonial“Having been asked to test the new RELEVA balm, I used it mostly for the joints in my hands and fingers where I have suffered for a while with arthritis. I chose to apply the cream before bed and found that after a few days of use that I was waking in the morning with more mobility and less pain in my fingers. Applying RELEVA is now part of my daily routine.”

Suzanne, Bluntisham.

BUY NOW – £29.97 with FREE SHIPPING (UK Mainland Only)

What The Professionals Say About RELEVA…

johnathan broome edwards

Jonathan Broome Edwards. UK Silver Medal Paralympian and Soft Tissue Therapy Specialist

“As both an athlete and a therapist, the RELEVA muscle rub suits my every need. I find it so effective in aiding my aches from training and on the plus, coming back from an Achilles rupture, it has been so great in helping my feet during the recovery.

My clients have all said how nice it feels to have the rub on and the smell is not overpowering like other products. I need to stock up as my clients want to take the rub home!”

Jonathan Broome Edwards – GB Paralympic Silver Medalist, Clinical Biomechanist & Soft Tissue Therapy Specialist

email ruddock,releva testimonial

Emile Ruddock. Professional West End singer, actor and dancer.

Pain Relief For Performing Artists

With the strain of doing 8 West End shows a week for months at a time, finding effective muscle and joint pain relief is difficult. In a recent production in London, I was having major problems with my shins (a common problem for Tap Dancers). Using RELEVA every day provided a huge benefit for many reasons. RELEVA doesn’t mask pain like other quick fix balms and rubs, so while performing I didn’t ignore the pain and make the problem worse. I find that the soreness lessens and the sharp pains in my shins go altogether.

Going To Use RELEVA in Every Show

I am still using RELEVA before and during shows and have recommended it to the cast members I work with as joint and muscle injuries are commonplace in the theatrical industry.

What Does It Feel Like?

There is a great cool feeling on my skin but I can feel it gently warming underneath, as opposed to the hot burning surface sensation typically felt with other rubs. This means that I don’t overheat while performing. It is not sticky like other products either, costumes are not damaged and don’t adhere to the skin.

A great product and one I will definitely use with every show and highly recommend to all who suffer from joint and muscle pain.

Emile Ruddock
Professional West End Dancer and Actor
Emile has starred in;
‘Hamilton’ at The Victoria Palace, London
Crazy For You
The Scottsboro Boys
Five Guys Named Moe

BUY NOW – £29.97 with FREE SHIPPING (UK Mainland Only)

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